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Idealist and visionary Roderick Robinson started in telecom back in 2005. Enlighten by the Opportunities to develop in telecommunication, he PURSUED to further his education, earning a General Technology Degree 08', also a Telecommunication Certificate 09', at Arkansas State University- Jonesboro and went on to earn a Fiber Optic Installer (F.O.I.) -ETA Electronic Technician Certification 2010".  OSP/ISP Operator provides proactive and reactive network surveillance & research solutions. Advising troubleshooting technique, coordination, and restoration of service affecting or potentially affecting network events and issues. The Quality technician also provides technical assistance to field maintenance personnel, trouble tracking, coordination, notification, escalation, and documentation to resolve events/issues efficiently minimizing customer impact. Utilizing these skills, Sky Cap Solutions was founded in 2013 as a telecommunications contracting company. Operating nationwide, Sky Cap Solutions has provided services for multiple Fortune 500 companies in 38 states. 

Sky Cap Repair opened its doors in Newport, Arkansas in 2015. Putting their heads together, General Manager Adam Grendell and Roderick Robinson wanted to provide a hub for technology needs for not only large companies that Sky Cap Solutions served, but as well for the every day consumer by providing repair services for computers, phones, tablets, and televisions. Sky Cap Repair has since expanded to its second much larger location, and provides accessories, tv and gaming consoles, and used phone sales. 

SkyFi WISPernet launched in 2016 aiming to provide more options to the everyday internet subscriber. Our objective is to provide services that can reach remote customers that other Internet Service Providers (ISP's) usually refuse because of these costly construction costs, and to also provide more options to internet consumers in larger cities by offering more flexible plans than the usual one option by the sole provider in town. SkyFi WISPernet refuses to limit how much a customer downloads by having no data caps on any plans we offer. 

Altogether, Sky Cap Solutions is a conglomerate that bases its customer service on our small town upbringing to provide exceptional products and results. We offer these services mostly in Northeast Arkansas so that we can invest back into our communities that we grew up in. We aim to bring superior technological services to areas that are usually last to see the advances in technology. Sky Cap Solutions is different in that most telecommunications companies take millions away from small towns like ours every day, and never invest those profits back into the community. However, we sponsor local community events, are active in municapal board meetings, and provide scholarships to area youths looking to further their knowledge and careers in networking and technology. Our customer service being local also makes us stand out by never being more than 48 hours away from a customer we provide services to. Make Sky Cap Solutions your preferred choice for technology services, because our customers will always be our top preference. 

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